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Mind and Body Program


A body-mind-spirit program for vitality, healing and personal transformation.

Skin to Soul program is a culmination of my 23 years of healing work as a Registered Nurse.  I specialized in difficult to non-healing wounds.  In 2007, I launched Ageless Beauty Skin Clinic and in 2016 it evolved to Skinworx, with a mission of inspiring confidence through better skin.  Since then I immersed myself in personal growth and development, learning to master my psychology, physiology, productivity, presence, and purpose.
At this stage of my life (now entering the wonderful years of 50), I continue to refine my purpose and realized that the true essence of my mission is inner healing in order to live a purposeful and fulfilled life.  I have immersed in my own healing for the last several years and what a journey it’s been so far!
I believe my job is to help you heal on a deeper level, on a soul level so that everything else begins to heal, physically and emotionally, and you heal yourself back to the person you were meant to be — healthy, joyful, energized, and revitalized.
– Cheryl Pierce

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Confidence boosting retreats, hosted by Cheryl, will begin this Fall in which the focus will be helping women align their outer and inner beauty through a combination of meditation, personal growth work and related treatments.