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Don’t let your everyday habits give you fine lines and wrinkles!

There are so many things you can do to fight fine lines and wrinkles. You can invest in high-quality skin care products and get facials in San Francisco on a regular basis, but if you want those treatments to be effective, there are several everyday habits that you may need to drop. There are many habits that are actually giving you wrinkles and undermining your efforts to get rid of them. Check out our last blog to learn about a few of those everyday habits, and keep reading to learn more:

#4. You eat a lot of sugar.

Not only does sugar have the power to add to your waistline, it can also cause wrinkles! Eating too much sugar and other high-glycemic foods can cause the protein in your skin, like collagen, to become stiff. Cutting down on the sugar and refined carbohydrates could help you avoid wrinkles and lose weight!

#5. You drink excessively.

While a glass of wine or a beer won’t hurt you every once in a while, drinking too much comes with consequences for your skin. Alcohol is dehydrating, and if you are dehydrating your body on a regular basis with excessive drinking, it can cause your skin to lose elasticity and eventually start forming wrinkles.

#6. You pick at your skin.

We know just how tempting it is to pick an annoying zit, but any picking or pulling can cause wrinkles and possibly even scars! Instead of picking at your skin, turn to our experts to find the right products and treatments for your acne.

Take the first step to fighting the wrinkles that everyday bad habits cause by scheduling your facial in San Francisco at Skinworx!

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