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You may think you’ll save money with a DIY facial, but many contain harmful ingredients for your skin.

If you could simply concoct a DIY facial with the ingredients in your medicine cabinet or cupboard, why would you ever pay for a professional facial in San Francisco again? If only it was that simple. The reason why people still pay for professional facials is because the vast majority of DIY facials contain ingredients that can damage your skin. In our last blog, we went over a couple of those ingredients. Here are a few more:

#3. Baking Soda

Baking soda has a nice scrubby texture, but that doesn’t mean that it’s good for your skin. The pH level of baking soda is far too alkaline for your sensitive skin, and it can damage the natural barrier that keeps bacteria out.

#4. Toothpaste

Think you can zap that zit with toothpaste? Think again. Toothpaste is too harsh by far for your skin, and it contains a long list of irritants that can damage your skin. Toothpaste, like baking soda, is too alkaline for your skin and can damage the lipid barrier.

#5. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV is an incredibly common ingredient in DIY facials, but if you put full strength ACV on your face, it can lead to skin irritation and, in some cases, even burns. In fact, raw ACV is so acidic that it is often used to burn warts and skin tags off, but be wary, as it can damage the surrounding skin.

Stop messing with DIY facial ingredients that can be harmful for your skin. Protect your skin by scheduling your professional facial with Skinworx today!


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