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Exfoliation can be beneficial, but if you overdo it, there can be consequences.

Exfoliation has been hailed as one of the most important weapons in your beauty arsenal. Beauty experts have given exfoliation praise for eliminating acne, eradicating age spots, banishing wrinkles and tightening loose skin, but if you overdo it, and most of us do, there can be consequences for your skin. In our last blog, we went over a few of the most common signs that you are overdoing it when it comes to exfoliation. Here are a couple more signs that you are over-exfoliating.

#4. Your skin feels itchy and/or overly sensitive.

If your skin looks red or feels like it’s burning or itching, it’s a clear indication that you are doing something wrong in your skin care routine, and the most common culprit is over-exfoliation. Your skin’s lipid barrier protects it from allergens and other irritants, and if you compromise that layer by exfoliating too much, it can no longer protect your skin.

#5. Your skin is unusually oily.

When you strip your skin of its natural oils and lubrication, it can sometimes overcompensate and produce an excess amount of oil.

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