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How often should you get a hydrafacial

Hydrafacials are the perfect piece to every skin care regimen, and taking care of your skin is something you need to do. Not enough people take the time to care for their skin as much as they should. But maybe you will when we put it this way: Your skin is your body’s first mechanism of defense; it’s the first to protect you under every circumstance out in the environment; cleaning and detoxifying the skin is one way for you to give thanks.

Moving forward; let’s say you decided to schedule your very first hydrafacial at Skinworx in San Francisco. You just experienced one pure hour of bliss that left you feeling warm and fuzzy. The highlight of the facial included warm steam and a gentle massage. Not only do you feel great about what just happened, but your face is glowing with healthiness. When you come to and realize it’s time to book your next hydrafacial,  there are a few key elements you need to keep in mind: All skin types are different. Skin types depend on age, environment, skin type and what you hope to achieve out of each hydrafacial appointment. Here are a few tips that may help you understand how often you should book an appointment for a hydrafacial here at Skinworx in San Francisco:

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The General Conscientious

Many skin care professionals will recommend you schedule a facial every three to four weeks; however, it truly depends on your skin, your age and the environment in which you live. Why? Your skin needs to fully heal between sessions, and in order to do that, your skin’s full life cycle needs to be taken into consideration. Skin cell growth and exfoliation are crucial. You don’t want to schedule another facial too early; you want to schedule it so that you are getting a facial once your skin has completed its full life cycle. Doing so will help keep your skin maintain a beautiful glow all year round. It should look clear, clean, toned and smooth.

Acne Prone Individuals and Hydrafacials

Individuals who experience oilier skin or frequent breakouts are highly recommended to schedule hydrafacials more frequently; we even recommend scheduling a facial during a breakout to prevent even more acne from developing. Every two to three weeks is appropriate for most who deal with frequent breakouts. Doing so can help to keep your skin clear and in a healthier place. As the skin heals , the period of time between each hydrafacial appointment may end up becoming further and further apart.

Infrequent Hydrafacials

We get it; although you may want to get facials once a month, sometimes life gets in the way. Whether you can’t afford it or your budget gets in the way, being able to get a hydrafacial as frequently as you’d like can become too difficult. If you’re someone who can only afford hydrafacials two times a year or so, aim to come in between the two harshest skin seasons: At the end of winter and the end of summer. This way, your skin can hit the refresh button just in time for the sun or just in time for the clouds; either way, your skin will feel much better getting some attention rather than none at all.

Frequent Hydrafacials

As amazing as a weekly facial seems, it can be possible to experience negative affects if you schedule facials too close together. Our skin care professionals will recommend to you the amount of time between hydrafacials needed to fully heal and become ready. To learn more about our hydrafacials, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or schedule online!

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