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Our Hydrafacial Procedure Includes LED Light Therapy

Here at Skinworx, we proudly offer Hydrafacial procedures to our San Francisco area clients because we truly believe that this facial rejuvenation technique is superior to standard chemical peels or microdermabrasion. In our previous posts, we have listed many of the benefits that you can expect after receiving a Hydrafacial at our clinic but, in today’s post, we wanted to focus on one aspect of our Hydrafacial process: LED collagen stimulation. While many people know what LEDs are and know what collagen is, they are not so familiar with how LED lights can stimulate collagen production. We hope that after you finish reading today’s blog post you will have a better understanding of why LED collagen stimulation is a pivotal step in our Hydrafacial procedure. Continue reading below to learn more.


How Do LEDs Work to Stimulate Collagen?

While there are many anti-aging treatments available today, an increasingly popular choice among those looking to obtain useful skin is to utilize LED light therapy. LED light has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen in the body which, in turn, helps to give skin a more full, tight look. By increasing the amount of collagen in the skin, LED light therapy can help to remove wrinkles, improve the appearance of age spots, minimize the appearance of scars, and help heal minor wounds. While this may sound like something out of science fiction, there is actually some well-documented science behind it. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are able to transmit specific light frequencies and are used to produce either red light or blue light. Both of these frequencies help to stimulate the production of collagen, however, the different light frequencies accomplish different tasks.

  • Red LEDs: Red LEDs are used to treat wrinkles, rosacea, and sun damage. This helps to improve the overall uniformity of a person’s skin and gives the patient a healthy glow. Additionally, red LEDs help to reduce the appearance of scars and broken capillaries.
  • Blue LEDs: Blue LEDs are most commonly used to treat blemishes and other facial afflictions that are caused from clogged pores. Some studies, although they remain unproven, even suggest that blue LEDs may be effective for treating skin cancer.

If you are familiar with the Hydrafacial procedure, you can very easily see why performing LED light therapy at the very end can provide some great benefits for your skin. By exposing your skin to LED lights after it has been thoroughly cleansed and rejuvenated, your face will naturally be more receptive to the frequencies of the LED lights which will, in turn, allow your skin to more easily produce collagen.

Are There Any Other Benefits to LED Collagen Stimulation?

While the most obvious benefit of LED light therapy is that it helps to stimulate collagen production, there are many more positive aspects to this particular type of therapy. These additional benefits include:


  • 100 Percent Natural: Unlike other forms of therapy intended to increase the amount of collagen present in your skin, LED collagen stimulation is 100 percent natural, drug free, and chemical free.
  • Non-Invasive: Another reason that many people are switching to LED light therapy is the fact that this therapy technique is non-invasive. Before LED collagen stimulation people had to resort to painful injections to smooth out wrinkles and reduce the appearance of aging.
  • Zero Downtime: One of the best things about receiving a Hydrafacial coupled with LED light therapy is that there is zero downtime. Other procedures will leave your face red and irritated but you can rest assured that this will not be the case with us.
  • Safe: As we all know, not everyone’s skin takes to kindly to being exposed to harsh chemicals. However, with LED collagen stimulation you never have to worry about your skin having an adverse reaction.
  • Painless: As we stated before, prior to the introduction of LED light therapy, people had to endure painful treatments to achieve the youthful look that they desired. LED collagen stimulation, however, is completely painless. What a time to be alive.


Try it Out, We Promise it is Worth it

If you are still unsure about LED collagen stimulation after reading this blog, we ask that you at least give it a try. While we are confident in the benefits of this skincare treatment, we recognize that some of our readers will have to experience this procedure first hand before they are entirely convinced. LED collagen stimulation is already included as part of our Hydrafacial procedure so and we are confident that once you experience it first hand you will come to love this added little bonus. Schedule an appointment today with Skinworx and let us show you how LED light therapy coupled with a Hydrafacial will improve the look and feel of your skin.


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