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Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

At Skinworx, we get many clients who come in and aren’t sure why their skin is unhealthy. They may think they are doing everything right by following a skin routine they have always had, but in reality, they are causing damage to their skin. In this blog, we will go over the most common skin care mistakes we see, and what you should be doing instead.

Over Exfoliation

As we have covered in previous blogs, over exfoliating your face can cause some major issues. If you have uneven skin, you may be tempted to exfoliate often to slough off the dead skin cells on your face. While exfoliating is beneficial, it is only necessary in small doses. If you are exfoliating daily, you are removing the protective layer from your skin, which can expose you to more toxins and sun damage. Limit exfoliation to a maximum of twice a week.

Not Removing Makeup Before Bed

It’s common for women to not remove their makeup before bed, particularly after a night out on the town. However, this is a habit that can cause major issues with your skin if you do it repeatedly. Your makeup clogs your pores, making them look bigger and causing acne. As you age, this becomes more of a problem because the loss of collagen over time prevents your pores from recovering as well as they used to. Remove your makeup before bed every night.

Not Cleansing Properly

Even if you are removing your makeup religiously, you also need to make sure you are using the right cleanser. You want to make sure it contains ingredients that are helping you with your skin care goals. For example, if you are acne prone, consider investing in our salicylic acid cleanser, which helps remove dead skin cells, sebum, and blackheads from your pores.

Sleeping On A Cotton Pillowcase

If you are sleeping on a cotton pillowcase and experiencing early signs of aging, consider switching to satin or silk. Pressing your skin into a cotton pillowcase night after night causes trauma to your skin, which over time, cause permanently decrease collagen in your skin.

Not Washing Pillowcases Often Enough

On top of cotton pillowcases, you may be causing damage to your skin if you aren’t washing your pillowcases often. Over time, your pillowcase accumulates residue from your hair products, the oil on your skin, and any other debris you bring into your bed, clogging your pores. If you are acne prone, it’s best to wash your pillowcase in hot water at least once a week.

Not Wearing Sunscreen

You know to wear sunscreen when you hit the beach for the day, but you should also be wearing it absolutely every day for the health of your skin. Look for a daily moisturizer that contains an SPF of at least 30. Also make sure to apply sunscreen to any other exposed parts of your body, such as your chest and the tops of your hands.

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Not Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Many women don’t even think about cleaning their makeup brushes until they are absolutely caked with makeup, but this is causing more problems for your skin than you may realize. Make a point to clean your makeup brushes every day to ensure that dirt and makeup buildup isn’t being applied to your skin.

Not Applying Products In The Right Order

You might have all the right products, but if you are not applying them in the right order, you could be losing out on some of the benefits. When it comes to skincare, it is best to apply your thinner products first, then your thicker creams. This is because heavier products will prevent your lighter weight products from fully penetrating your skin.

Popping Pimples

Everyone has popped a pimple before, to the detriment of their skin. When you pop a pimple at home, you are highly likely to cause the infection to go deeper into your pore, only further aggravating the problem. Once a pimple is ready to pop, it will do so on its own; simply washing your face may be all you need to do to facilitate this.

When you need help optimizing your skin care routine, come into Skinworx in San Francisco. We can help you with our hydrafacials and facial memberships! Schedule your appointment today.

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